I Did It

The reason for this collection of writings and witterings is based around wanting to record my son, Jake, as he grows up. I’m no good as a photographer, I can’t paint and my sculpting skills are, well, not so good. However, I can write, so I thought I’d chronicle certain moments of his life. The main difference to all the over earnest, adoring dad blogs out there is that this is written from Jake’s point of view; how he sees the world, what he understands and what all those random noises, movements and expressions really mean.

It will probably embarrass the hell out of him when he’s older but, then again, I will be doing that myself so he’s screwed either way.

Anyway, have a read, enjoy (I hope), have a laugh and leave a comment. Or not, it’s a free country.

Oh, and why ‘I Did It’? Well, he’s been saying that phrase or something that sounds a lot like it since he was about 8 months old so it just kinda stuck. All together now, “I Did It”!

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